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Ultrasound Packages

My Baby's Heartbeat (Early as 7 weeks)

Pregnant? and excited to see your baby's heartbeat for the first time?

Come in as early as 7 weeks to see your precious peanut. 

  • 5-10 minute ultrasound

  • Listen to baby's heartbeat

  • Black/white 2D prints

  • $5 credit toward ANY Future package

Price: $63.00

Sneak Peak (Must be 15+ weeks)

Ready to see how much your baby has grown since your first trimester?

Come and take a peak at your peanut in 2D/3D and 4D. Gender not included

with package. You can add it on as an option. 

  • 10-15 minute ultrasound

  • Black/white 2D prints

  • $5 credit toward ANY Future package

  • Add Gender check for $15

Price: $75.00

Gender Reveal (Starting @ 15-16 Weeks)

Excited about your new addition to the family and can't wait to find out the gender

of your peanut? Make it a special moment that you can cherish with your family that 

you'll always remember.

  • 10-15 minute ultrasound

  • Gender Determination

  • Black/White 2D prints

  • $5 credit toward ANY Future package

Price: $89.00

Full Baby Scan 2D/3D/4D (27-32 weeks) MOST POPULAR

Ready to see those chubby cheeks? Cute button nose?

Tiny fingers and toes? This is a great bonding experience for you and

your little peanut. And what a wonderful way to help introduce peanut 

to the family.

  • 25-30 minute ultrasound

  • Black/white 2D prints

  • $5 credit toward ANY Future package

  • Unlimited prints (discretion of the sonographer)

Price: $120.00

Later Pregnancy Scan 33+ weeks

If you're 33 weeks + and still want to enjoy seeing your peanut then this 2D package 

is for you! Sometimes baby is more squished in these later weeks of pregnancy making

it difficult to obtain 4D imaging. But who can resist seeing that baby face! If baby happens

to be in a good position for a 4D we can always upgrade to a 4D!

  • 15-20 minute ultrasound

  • 2D image/ Black/white prints

  • Can upgrade to 4D depending on baby position

  • $5 credit toward ANY Future package 

Price: $70.00

Journey Package

Want to enjoy watching your peanut grow throughout your pregnancy? Be able to be apart

of every milestone and create an even stronger bond with peanut before birth?

Then this package is for you!

  • Heartbeat package (7-13 weeks)​​

  • Sneak Peak/Gender Reveal Package (15+ weeks)

  • Full baby Scan @ ~26 weeks

  • Full baby Scan @ ~ 32 weeks

  • Later pregnancy Scan ~ 33+ weeks

  • Black/white 2D image prints

Price: $290.00

Peace of Mind Package (7-40 weeks)

Pregnant and feeling anxious about your little peanut? This package allows you to check on your

baby throughout your pregnancy. Use it as many times as you want!

  • 10 minute Scan

  • Fetal Heart Tones, Measurements

  • 2D image prints

Price: $50.00

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